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Welcome to the classiccameras web site. We try to stock a range of film cameras, lenses, filters, accessories, books, instruction manuals and associated photographic items: early wood and brass field cameras of the 1800-1900s, classic cameras of the 1930s & 50s,60s, 70s right through to some modern equipment including accessories and Projection Lamps:

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The business was originally started in London during the 1950s, developing from a photographic studio and film processing lab, to general photographic stores in the South of the city. Vintage Cameras was launched in the early 1970s to specialise in sourcing fine vintage and classic cameras, rare photographic items and early images. High quality film cameras, lenses and accessories (many types, formats and makes) have always been an important section of our stock. We have supplied professional photographers, photo-journalists, amateur photographers, collectors, companies, museums and photo dealers, now in over 40 countries worldwide. Over the years we have had the pleasure to deal with many great camera makers/photographic equipment suppliers such as Fred Gandolfi, Arthur Gandolfi, Fred Spira (Spiratone) and Sir Kenneth Corfield. We have dealt with a number of talented and famous photographers (some PROs): Captain John Noel, Leif Preus, Adam Swaine, Terry Donovan, Brian May, Terry Jones, William Carter, Mark Pinder, Miranda Richardson, Jeremy Deller, Jack Shepherd, Timothy Spall and Robbie Vincent to name a few (we also supplied parts for Alan Whicker's Super Ikonta camera used whilst retracing his wartime experiences in Italy). We now stock many types of cameras: antique, classic and modern, Leica rangefinder & SLR cameras, lenses, photographic accessories, T2 mounts, filters, projection lamps, bulbs, flash bulbs, cine equipment, (most are listed on this web site, but please ask if you do not see the item you need!). We are now a MAIL ORDER business and SHIP WORLDWIDE daily. Vintage Cameras will buy, trade or part-exchange most types of equipment from single items to an entire collection.

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please contact us by: Fax: +44 1304 368492 or Telephone: +44 1304 380218

or from within the UK Fax:01304 368492 Telephone:01304 380218

please send us an E-mail:

We try to reply to all enquiries quickly, but due to serious SPAM problems, e-mails do sometimes get deleted on our server, so if we do not reply within 24 hours, please resend your message, thanks.

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Please note all stock is now priced the same for all web customers (the price listed is the price you actually pay worldwide, we do not add any taxes or handling charges no matter how payment is made). We accept cheque payments to Vintage Cameras Ltd. and bank transfers (TT) in Pounds Sterling (GBP) via a UK bank.

We accept secure online payments via PayPal to email address you can send funds to this address on your PayPal homepage (please add note with order details) or please e-mail us and ask for an invoice (we will request money from you via PayPal).

All goods ordered are usually dispatched sameday Royal Mail via Post Office, or by ParcelForce. Post/shipping WORLDWIDE is charged at cost only (we can quote the exact amount before shipping).

we ship worldwide at cost onlyUK POST charges (ie within UK only via Post Office):

from £1.99 (1st class p&p in UK) for small item(s) in jiffy bag.................

SPECIAL DELIVERY (usually by 1.00pm next day) up to 500g=£7.95......500-1000g=£9.95......1kg-2kg=£11.00 see also UK only

Large Parcels (std. parcels/parcel post within most of UK) is charged at cost.

Cheque/check payment must be in UK Pounds Sterling please. We will e-mail you within 24 hours to confirm the order and dispatch of the goods/shipping. For PayPal our e-mail address is you can send the money to this address, or ask us to invoice you/request money from you via paypal

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Condition Guide

At Vintage Cameras we know how disappointing it is to receive items which are in a poorer condition than as described, and thus pride ourselves in accurate descriptions. Please e-mail for details, we will reply as quick as we can.You must appreciate that many of the items are very old, but most are fully working and usable, unless otherwise stated:

  1. Vintage Cameras A= Mckeown's Guide 2B= excellent/new or as new
  2. Vintage Cameras B= Mckeown's Guide 3C= very good/minimal signs of wear
  3. Vintage Cameras C= Mckeown's Guide 4F= good/average/signs of use
  4. Vintage Cameras D= Mckeown's Guide 5G= below average/normal use and working
  5. Vintage Cameras E= Mckeown's Guide 6H= poor/heavy use but working

Last modified/updated 10th August 2016

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